Who We Are

Incorporated in 1979, CWK Holdings Sdn Bhd (52633 / 197901008347) is a Malaysian enterprise with reputable ventures across a diverse range of industries. The shareholders and directors are experienced in property development, agricultural development and hotel management.

In the last 40 years CWK Holdings Sdn Bhd (CWK) and its partners pioneered housing development in areas such as Taman Desa Menang Gombak, Taman Melawar Gombak, Alam Damai, Taman Bukit Anggerik, Taman Halaman and Desa Aman. One of the Group’s most renowned development is Strawberry Park Resort in Cameron Highlands, which is currently still owned and managed by the group. It has also ventured into property development in Australia.

The Group is also substantially involved in managing and acquiring palm oil plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The success of the Group is achieved through robust financial support and vast expertise from the shareholders and directors along with an experienced management team. CWK strives to maintain high levels of professionalism and integrity in its relationships with suppliers, contractors, professional associates and clients. The Group aspires to increase shareholder value by pursuing growth and profit opportunities leveraging on its core strengths.

Our Team

The Group is led by our managing director James Chan, and is supported by an experienced management team within its subsidiaries.

This combined experience of the team ensures the strength and value of our organization.

Company Structure


CWK strives to become the most recognised and trusted name in all its existing and new industries ventured.


  • To ensure high levels of professionalism and integrity with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and clients.
  • To increase shareholder value by pursuing growth and profit opportunities that leverage on our core strengths.
  • To add value to the people and industries we serve by constantly innovating our approach and elevating our standards.